Yabila.com Launches in Qatar

December 14, 2011

We are excited to announce today the launch of the Yabila.com Portal in Qatar (www.yabila.com), our third operational office in the Middle East region, along with Yabila! Kuwait and Yabila! Saudi Arabia. The Yabila! App for Qatar, as well as Yabila! App for Saudi Arabia, will soon be released as well.

Initial Consumer Feedback
The initial feedback obtained for the Yabila.com soft launch in Qatar is astonishing; consumers involved in the survey remarked on the addictiveness of the service and its importance and impact on their shopping experience. A common remark amongst consumers was questioning how such a simple, yet comprehensive service, was not previously available to them.
Coming Soon: Yabila! Store
We are also excited to announce soon the release of our mobile commerce engine, Yabila! Store, by which merchants will able to directly sell their offers and promotions on Yabila!. The initiative is the first of its kind in the MENA region; a practical and convenient mobile commerce experience. Brands will be able to send their offers directly to the pockets of over 400,000 consumers within the Middle East, on the fly. Consumers on the other hand will be able to purchase such offers, conveniently and securely. The Yabila! Store regulations assures that consumers have access to highly-discounted deals with unbeatable prices.

About Yabila!
Yabila! is an innovative mobile advertising platform, available for consumers as a mobile App and Web Portal, that enables them to shop smartly by providing them with the daily deals, promotions, and new arrivals in their city. Based on a carrier-class opt-in mobile marketing platform, Yabila! Empowers brands and advertisers to effectively reach and communicate with target consumers in the Middle East region.

Kuwait Office
Level 18, Al Sahab Tower
Mohd. Thunayan Al-Ghanim St
Safat, Kuwait City

Tel : +965 2227 3769
Fax : +965 2227 3759
E-mail: info@yabila.com
Web: http://www.yabila.com
Twitter: @YabilaDeals
Facebook: YabilaDeals

Saudi Arabia Office
Level 18, Faisaliah Tower
King Fahed Highway
Olayah District, Riyadh 11524
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel : + 966 1490 3829
Fax : +966 1490 3999
E-mail: ksa@yabila.com
Web: http://www.yabila.com
Twitter: @YabilaKSA
Facebook: YabilaKSA