Yabila! Introduces Mobile Video Ads

December 15, 2011

We have some exciting news to share with you today. Advertisers using the Yabila! Platform will now be able to better engage, reach, and interact with their target consumers by delivering rich Mobile Video Ads to them. It is a fact that Mobile lets consumers interact and experience the depth of a brand like no other medium can. The release of this innovative feature further strengthens the Yabila! platform by supporting rich mobile ad units, enabling TV-style commercials to reach the most educated, affluent and engaged audience.


Mobile Video Ads Becomes A Reality
Mobile Video, a long anticipated form of mobile communication, has finally arrived. According to data released by Bytemobile, mobile video became the dominant form of mobile data traffic during 2011 with more than 60% of total volume in wireless networks. Yabila! Video Ads enable advertisers to leverage this form of mobile communication to drive engagement, lead generation, and raise brand awareness.


Yabila!'s Rich, Live Analytics Becomes Richer
One of the strongest assets of the Yabila! Advertising Platform is its detailed, smart reporting and live analytics feature. Advertiser able to track how consumers interact and engage with their ads, whether they click on an ad, zoom into its image, play its video, call the advertiser at a certain time/date, along with detailed demographics of the involved consumers.

Minimal Advertiser Effort, Smooth Integration
To post a mobile video advert to Yabila!, advertisers are only required to provide a single line of a text: a link to their YouTube video. The Yabila! platform seamlessly integrates such YouTube videos, to minimize the required advertiser efforts to post a mobile video advert.


About Yabila!
Yabila! is an innovative mobile advertising platform, available for consumers as a mobile App and Web Portal, that enables them to shop smartly by providing them with the daily deals, promotions, and new arrivals in their city. Based on a carrier-class opt-in mobile marketing platform, Yabila! Empowers brands and advertisers to effectively reach and communicate with target consumers in the Middle East region.

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